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R-22 Refrigerant

R-22 Refrigerant

R-22 or HCFC-22 (Chlorodifluoromethane) is a colorless gas at room temperature, and a colorless, non-toxic, nonflammable and transparent liquid under its own pressure. It has excellent thermal stability and chemical stability, and has no corrosive action to metals. R-22 is a dominant refrigerant in residential and commercial air conditioning applications. It can also be used as raw material of PTEE resin and intermediate of Halon 1211.

Physical Properties

Molecular Formula CHClF2
Molecular Weight 86.5
Boiling Point at 1 atm (101.3 kPa) -40.8°C
Critical Temperature 96.0°C
Critical Pressure 4978 kPa
Liquid Density at 25°C 1172.8 g/cm3
ODP 0.05
GWP 1700

Packaging and Storage

R-22 is available in disposable steel cylinders (13.6kg/30lb, 22.7kg/50lb) and returnable steel cylinders (60kg, 400kg, 1000kg). The filling ratio of R-22 is not more than 1.03kg/L.

Cylinders should be stored in cool, dry and well-ventilated area away from sunlight and rain.

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