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BEST Refrigerant specializes in manufacturing a variety of refrigerants, fuel gases and camping gases. We supply high quality products to fulfill industry specific needs with reasonable prices, improved performance and advanced environmental benefits.

Our main products are environmentally friendly refrigerant alternatives such as R-134a, R-22, R-1270, R-290, and R-600a, etc.. All of our refrigerants meet purity standards and are widely used for air conditioning and refrigeration applications. We offer a wide range of package sizes including cans, cylinders and isotanks. In addition, we also provide fuel gases (mainly MAPP gas and propane gas) and camping gases which are widely used in welding, cutting and heating.

Our constant technical innovation combined with stringent quality control systems has enabled us to produce high quality products, while still maintaining a competitive price point. Our experienced engineers work closely with our diverse customers to meet their ever-changing demands. Thanks to our rapid delivery times and attentive after-sales services, many customers regard BEST as their preferred supplier.

BEST is dedicated to providing safe, high quality, high performance and reliable products for a wide variety of applications around the world.

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