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Advanced Equipment
BEST has a full set of advanced refrigerant blending lines, fully automatic bottling lines and analytical laboratory facilities. This ensures that we always maintain consistent and superior product quality.

High Quality Raw Materials
Only the high quality raw materials meet BEST standard can be used in production, so our products have high purity (the main components of raw material ≥ 99.8%, moisture ≤ 10PPM).

Large Production Capacity
BEST has an annual production capacity of 4900 tons of HFC refrigerants and 100 tons of fuel gases (mainly MAPP gas and propane gas). Thus we can provide global customers a wide variety of products.

Superior Research Capacity
BEST has a powerful research team and they are dedicated to ongoing research and development programs which meet the ever-changing requirements of our diverse customers. This enables us to gain a new product patent and keep ahead in the industry.

Stringent Quality Assurance System
Our stringent quality assurance system and customer service system ensure that we meet the diverse demands of our customers greatly.

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